Wednesday, October 8, 2008

flash fiction


Telling the truth is erotic.

It is akin to open mouth kisses shared with a lover.. hot, intense, long kisses... of the kind given not on the first or second time you start that process of shared intimacy that I find more intense than sex, but, the ones you find yourself part of when you've started looking forward to seeing this person, when you want to tell them...things.

It's that point when you lie next to each other, digging deep to the depths.. past the mundane parts, offering up bits and pieces of yourself. "Here I am." you say, waiting... holding your breath... will the truth you give up, large or small... be rejected or accepted, and made part of them?

Anyone who takes some deep part of you, some hard told truth... who takes it, listens, puts it away inside of them... makes you part of their existence, and them part of yours... just as that deep hot long intense kiss binds you to your lover.

Erotic, indeed.