Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Silence is golden, it is said.

Golden when shared in comfort. Golden when you are alone, letting it gild your world. Ah, but, when used to ignore, silence is lead. A club wielded with great power...stronger than screaming harsh words. It is isolating, a declaration of control, a blanket of disdain.

I am smothered in its folds.

one word~keychain

he'd loved her deeply, and spent time with her, slowing winning her attention, her affection, her love in return.

"i give you my heart.", she said... smiling into his eyes.

with that phrase, he took that heart... used the proper chemicals to shrink and preserve it, and eventually put it on his keychain--joining the others already there.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

one word~nuclear

the nuclear meds filled her body, made her radioactive. after a length of time, they faded and her children came back home to live, wondering where they could sit and protect her future grandchildren.

she assured them there was no problem, she'd found an old blanket and sat on it, later throwing it away.

the son looked at her beaming face.

"a blanket, mom? you sat on a blanket to stop radiation?"

"yes!" she said, voice full of pride.

"wow. good idea. shame the people of hiroshima didn't think of blankets."

she stood, feeling silly for what she'd done, surrounded by their loving laughter.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


just when you think you’ve hit calm waters, currents take you out deep, where the waves are massive, where the riptide grabs you and keeps...and you think…

….i really, really don’t like the ocean.