Saturday, March 13, 2010

one word~nuclear

the nuclear meds filled her body, made her radioactive. after a length of time, they faded and her children came back home to live, wondering where they could sit and protect her future grandchildren.

she assured them there was no problem, she'd found an old blanket and sat on it, later throwing it away.

the son looked at her beaming face.

"a blanket, mom? you sat on a blanket to stop radiation?"

"yes!" she said, voice full of pride.

"wow. good idea. shame the people of hiroshima didn't think of blankets."

she stood, feeling silly for what she'd done, surrounded by their loving laughter.


  1. fuck me! YOU are THAT good! I'm thrilled to read you...

  2. You never seem to fail, Quin. Great writing.

  3. Hi quin. Catching up here, and glad I did.