Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Word~vase©

I'd never worked in pottery before.. the whole idea of getting my hands dirty with clay was far beyond anything I felt like doing.  Still, I'd watched 'Ghost' six times, and the instructor was hot...so, why not? 

One night, I stayed late--he'd almost given up on my ever centering a lump of clay.  I'd almost given up on his ever noticing the gap in my shirt every time I leaned over the pottery wheel.

Sometimes, things change. 

He discovered my, um, talents lay beyond making cups and vases...and I discovered art tables weren't just for art.

Sometimes, creating art can take on many forms--at least that's what I'm telling myself.


  1. Perfect flash. Short, sweet and sexy...

  2. Was the pottery wheel involved at all?

  3. Great, now I've got Unchained Melody stuck in my head. Again. Thanks quin, another small gem.

  4. I agree with Bukowski's Basement... 100% Short, Sweet and above all absolutely sexy!

  5. Good One Quin.Glad to stop by after a long time.

  6. Interesting words.