Saturday, August 15, 2009

one word~itch

at first, it was small, the itch. later, it grew and became more a part of my minute by minute existence. at first, i focused elsewhere, trying to pretend it wasn't there, that i could banish it by thinking of other things. i could defeat this urge, this need.

thing is, it didn't stop.

i had to scratch that itch....,i turned on the sci fi channel..on a saturday, when the films tend to be really, really crap.

it's my addiction.


  1. LOL, Quin... delightful use of the one word prompt! :-)

  2. I had three presentations to work on today so I cranked up the stereo but had the tv on muted while I worked on my laptop - on the syfy channel :) I actually love BladeRunner..

  3. Bladerunner is one of the greatest films ever. And I know Q's affinity for SyFy.

  4. bladerunner would never be found on scifi... however, mansquito was there.. much to my delight.

  5. Syfy Syndrome. You are not alone. The best part is hearing my kids say, "No, Dad. No. Change this right now..."

  6. strange, how they become addictive.
    you write so well - a very economic style!