Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday scribblings~anticipation

i'm not terribly creative right now... real life is a deep pit.

little things

i wait through the day, living life as it needed to be lived, dealing with kids and jobs and chores... through it all, i wait.

setting sun, dinner served, tv watched, kids in bed... through it all, i wait.

shower, turning the bed down, dogs out and then back in...through it all, i wait.

lying between my excellent sheets, i waver between fear the pattern will be broken and confidence it will not, and i wait.

the daydreams, the memories--little things--they create my universe of anticipation, and, yes, i wait.



10.30. i need wait no more. my skin sings, and in joy, i sink into the sound of his voice so far away-- “hey”.


  1. Nicely done. We do it all for a reason, don't we?

  2. Well, then I guess you got enough creativity in your little finger to carry you over until you got all hands on, ‘cause I got a lot out of this, thought it profound…especially when I looked at it like Mr. Hey is in the armed services. Either way, though, even if Hey is just some miles away, this little piece is realer than real.

  3. I have lived this kind of anticipation in the not too distant past. The voice at the other end of the line was not only my joy, it was my salvation.

  4. What a lovely sense of connectedness AND creativity here.