Tuesday, September 22, 2009

one word~early

it was too early, this birth.

she and the child waited in some odd place, hovering between the two worlds... not sure which was the one they should dwell in for eternity.

they each chose one... and life on earth moved on, leaving the one who picked that place to always wonder what could have been.


  1. Very haunting.

    Whitney (aka amillionbrilliantshadows)

  2. That definitely hit the Oooh button. An earthly fact for a moment rises mysterious, powerful, then falls back to fact like a news headline: Astronauts Return Home After Planting Banner On Moon; Footprints Left Behind In History Of Mankind.

  3. So sad, but very lovely. A wonderful piece. It hit my heartstrings for sure.

  4. redefines born again.

    i want the next chapter


  5. I read this when I returned from the walk for Juvenile diabetes and I was already a little emotional I guess - had to step away. I was trying to think of an adjective and beautiful isn't right - it's too painful, much like some of the itty bittys I saw at the walk. It cuts.