Tuesday, November 24, 2009

one word~spotlight

my friend, walter conley, asked me if i'd write something about the theater (my great love!)

here it is, walter... not much, only a minutes worth of writing...but, it's all yours.

it was there, in the middle of the stage, that single spotlight where his mark was set. moving into it, he gave himself over to something he'd never known before and he knew his character had become his reality, his soul, his self.

opening his arms to embrace all there, to pull in the feel of the energy of the audience, the crew, the words he was to speak... the eternal power of the stage itself. with the first words, he went from simple man to legend.


  1. Nice gasp. Give yourself over to something you have never known before, the gift of art.

    Surprise, this one has a soft edge!

  2. Love it, Q. Thanks. Suggests so much in just a few words. Like peering into another world, one I've always dreamt of but never had the guts to step into....

  3. A perfect ode to the theater... or shall I say theatre??

  4. I've always regretted not doing theatre.

  5. Nice little piece, Quinn. So much imagery in so few words.
    Best wishes, David.

  6. You've forgotten something:

    Rapturous applause!!!!

  7. This had a nice feel. I could almost hear the silence of the audience as he started to speak...

  8. applause it is! walking into the light...knowingly walking into the light.... I like it!