Saturday, November 14, 2009

one word~sugar

"hey, baby, give me som' sugar!" he sang as he walked though the door. he didn't know she had heard all about his foolin' around with mavis jenson over at sapp bros diner. he didn't know she'd found his secret porn stash. he had no idea she discovered the hidden money.

"hey, baby, give me som' sugar!" he sang as he walked through the living room into the kitchen.

she swung the 25lb burlap sack of sugar at the back of his head when he walked past her, snapping his neck.

"ask, and ye shall receive!", she whispered, dragging his body down to the basement, where it fit perfectly in the deep freeze.


  1. Man, she's strong! Nice one. Couldn't help but laugh even as someone was murdered.

  2. Now that's what I call lump sugar! :^>

  3. Heh-heh-heh...

    You should post this to "Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers."

  4. Perfect on so many levels. Funny, morbid and in some cases TRUE...

  5. I love the way your writing "snaps" like the tip of a whip!
    scarey, but passionate!

  6. oh no.... she didn't! sweet and evil rolled into one. porn, suga, deliberate smacks. fantastic!

  7. Whoa! She didn't just up and run?
    I like em neat thatway.