Sunday, February 14, 2010

one word~delicate

her skin was delicate, fragile, that old woman skin that appears to be translucent.

the rip caused by the knife opened it up like tissue paper. blood welled for a moment, then poured out with real purpose.

this was the delight he found in old ladies.. the scent of their skin, the purity of their cries of fear, the destruction of their being.

it made him god.


  1. Welcome back! Is this our VDay present? Visceral and creepy besides!

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  3. Sorry, I missed a word out in above comment. It should have said...

    You don't do a post for a while and then...Wallop, have that! Shockingly brilliant.

    Regards, David.

  4. gracious, i didn't realise it had been over a month... i've been dwelling in the valley of ennui.

    thanks for the words on my words, all.

  5. It's about time! Welcome back to, er, um....
    Creepy, very creepy. purity of their fear... nice.

  6. Travel suits your muse well. Nicely done.

  7. Quinn, thank you kindly for the link, much appreciated. I'm about to "overhaul" by blog and I will reciprocate. Again, an excellent piece of writing.

  8. You scare me Quin, you really scare me with your ability to deliver a shocker like this so matter-of-factly. Terrific piece.