Sunday, February 21, 2010

one word~hook

the hook was easy... give them a bit of time with the game, and let them think they could win.

afterward, when they are putting down money right and left, you do a bit of a switch up, and they'll continue to accept losing, not realising what you've done--that you've changed the rules to suit you.

it worked for years for james...until he met laura... who knew the hook, the set up and the game far better than he did. by the time she was done, he'd lost his money, his car--his heart.


  1. I guess he never found the Queen of Hearts.

  2. It's a mugs game...

    Nice piece, Quin.

  3. She won everything, but did she want him in the bargain?

  4. poor James, he never had a chance...