Thursday, May 28, 2009

three word wednesday

word prompts-dreary,embrace, timid


he was a man who found no happiness in sports or dating or in the company of others. people talked too much, asked for too much, exuded too much energy, in his mind. the rest of the world expected him to embrace their way of life, when he felt his own was just fine. he found all of those hustling, bustling bodies dreary in every possible way, causing him to seek comfort in those he did take joy in being around. with them, he could be who he was, not timid nor soft spoken, as perceived outside this place, but, gregarious voiced, with grand gestures and a raucous laugh. granted, they never spoke back, nor laughed, nor responded with a joke of any kind. it didn’t matter to him, nor did it matter other people thought his occupation far more than they could bear--they simply didn’t understand the beauty of working with the dead.

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