Thursday, May 28, 2009

three word wednesday~persistent, callous,interfere


It was nothing more than a need for her to interfere with my life that kept her persistent in staying involved in my doings, leaving spam, making rude comments on my postings and sending me batshit crazy letters. She had a callous disregard for the understanding I was not interested in what was on with them; I had moved on happily. Her obsession with me was complete, surpassing any relationship she had in her life.

Eventually, I installed a code that redirected her to a porn web site every time she came to my blog, a move that both delighted both of us--me by it’s in your face comment and in the end, her innate desire to have more than one partner. Who knew stories about group sex would be right up her alley.

Last I heard, they were both living in a polyamory relationship on Staten Island with a lesbian from Toledo--and I’m bored with the lack of excitement dealing with her gave my life.

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