Saturday, October 31, 2009

one word~clip

he clipped a bit off the top... then, a bit more on the sides, using the heavy garden shears as a sculpting tool. snip, clip, snip some more.

in the end, the teen boy's body fit nicely into the hefty bags, and they fit nicely into his trunk, allowing him to neatly place them into a hole in the old landfill he discovered not too far from his house.

when a sign says, "I ENFORCE THE RULE OF NO TRICK OR TREATERS OVER 12", it is best one heeds the unspoken warning.


  1. LOL! I must try that next year.

  2. Cool blog! I loved your story. I'm adding you to my faves.

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  3. All creeped out, thank you very much.

  4. Oh, yeah, creepy! And you have to love teenage trick-or-treaters who are barely dressed up (perhaps a cheap black mask over the eyes, maybe a dab of makeup here or there) and don’t even say trick or treat or thank you when they come to the door. Maybe that’s what got this guy started!

  5. Great halloween story. Maybe we need this guy in our area. There was a rash of burglaries hallowen night. all it takes is one of these little examples and suddenly everyone is better behaved...buuuhaahaaa :)