Monday, October 26, 2009

one word~gem

it was a gem of an idea.. to go outside, in the dark, creep over the fence, knock on her son's window while he read 'the exorcist' and scare him to death.

it was a gem of an idea....until she fell out the window into the snow, got her nightgown caught on the fence, and finally having him shoot at her with a gun she didn't know he had as she scratched and moaned outside his window.

the next time she had a gem of an idea--she stayed in bed.


  1. I feel her pain.

    Enjoyed the telling, though!

  2. Pretty funny... She shoulda stayed inside, indeed.

  3. Cool story- sharp and tight.
    (Now how am I going to continue to call my hubs "Gem" on my blog? ...)- Oh and you came out of lurking to comment on my old blog so I'll be patient for whenever that may arrive for this blog. No pressure. It's a free country (as I thirst for your input; however, older posts are better than my current one.)

  4. What a wonderful little story you came up with in 60 seconds!

  5. Ooooh I'm loving this Quin! Really loving it!


  6. Love the hilarity of this.

    Your word verification for the moment is mquinsia. The state of a contented Ms Browne breathing in?