Friday, July 10, 2009

one word~alert

finally! i have the internet back!!


need to stay awake, stay alert... be on the lookout. i used to take the little facebook tests, you know, how long would you survived in a zombie attack, and i would laugh about dying in the first day.

i've lasted five days since it started. they say after 21 it's, only, what? 16 more to go? i need to believe that..16 more days, and i'm safe. still, they said it would never happen, either. and it did. it was a fluke, they said. if i keep the belief in them, and believe the 21 days to the cycle, i can keep my sanity.

the day i stop thinking that...well, i've kept one bullet, just in case, just for me.


  1. awesome - facebook quiz as inspiration. Finally a REAL use for it LOL