Monday, July 13, 2009

one word~lazy

she's lazy with those she meets, making them introduce themselves, allowing them into her circle of self. she's lazy with those who fall in love with her, finding it far too difficult to put forth the effort to love back. she's lazy with exercise...why walk down the street to the gym when you can do isometrics?

she's lazy when it comes to moving on, making you be the one to break it off, break it up. that way, she's never to blame... she figures if you have to have a sin, sloth is a good one... and if someone tells her differently; she's too lazy to listen.


  1. I'd comment, but I live in a huge glass house...

  2. There are worse than sloth! Lazy is me on my last one word attempt. I was inclined to watch the little meter go to red without writing one word. Does that make me more efficient than the prompt? I didn't think so....