Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday scribblings~plan


she wasn’t in the plan... that plan i’d built for my life. that plan included university, a masters degree, the necessary ph.d, investing in real estate, the all important career that put me in a corner office with surround windows and my own staff. no, she wasn’t in that plan.

turns out she had a stronger will than i did, and a well thought out plan of her own.

her plan included finding someone with a ph.d, a large, paid for house in the right suburb, and a career that brought in large bundles of cash, allowing her to remain at home and rule all she surveyed.

her plan would lift her out of that place in life where moving up to white trash was an accomplishment, where cars lived on blocks and far too often, your first lover was a blood relative.

she read and watched and learned how to put on the face, the clothes, the manners, attitude and polish that gave her access to the places where she’d find someone to meet her carefully thought out plan, one written down in a notebook, step by step. she could teach those 'secret' people lessons in how to focus on what you desire in your life.

the one thing she did retain was ‘how to use yourself’--we met, we kissed, she showed me things i didn’t know existed outside of a brothel. moving along with her plan, during one of our dates, she smiled and told me her news. again, according to her plan, there was a short, beautiful wedding in a far away place, where her family couldn’t attend.

no, she wasn’t in the plan, nor was my son... i saw myself as a carefree, eligible bachelor, and she saw me as her way out.

i let her make our life plans now--she's proven she's far better than i.


  1. good stuff. I'm afraid I'm stuck right now. I think I need a vacation.

    You continue to inspire.

    The Plan

  2. It is often how it works out.
    Nicely done.

  3. Yup, this really does happen! Excellent write!

  4. Very true to life, and very well written.

  5. very very well wirtten.
    i m complexed :)

    The Bigger Plan

  6. loved reading this .. kinda made em smile .. that's how life is i guess !

  7. And they lived happily ever after?

  8. Great characterization. I have such a clear sense of both in so few words.

  9. Very nicely written--you had my attention to the very end.

  10. Ouch I feel sorry for the man. He's just accepting that he's being used?!!? :(

  11. I like how you put the situation to us, Quin. Very clever and enjoyable. Definitely an inspiration to all the Rhonda Byrne disciples out there!

  12. Super short story. Great characterization and yet so concise!! I agree completely with nonizamboni: i was fully engrossed from beginning to end. Excellent writing.