Tuesday, June 9, 2009

carry on tuesday~flash fiction

the prompt this week is: the book was thick and black and covered with dust. it's boards were bowed and creaking.~from a book i love, "possession".

book of doom

it sat on the top of his bookshelf. a list of all the women....no, girls...he'd met over the years. he'd write down their name, number, email address.. giving his own in return. they kept his current, while he moved on after a few emails, a phone call or two. he'd look at the list sometimes, mulling over the conquests he'd made without ever touching them. it allowed him to fantasize, dream, wonder over a life with each. he knew in his heart, back behind the wall he had up, that they were just that, girls...and that he deeply wanted and needed that particular woman to fill the role of mother/whore that would complete his life. he also knew to woo the woman he knew so well, would take far too much of his time and emotions...both of them in short supply. so, he stuck with the black bound book of dreams... and wished he were a stronger man.


  1. Isn't that just so often the case. Loved the way you portrayed it.

  2. That book has a power all its own. It is both what he could have and what he does not have rolled into one. It is almost like a beacon of hope. Or maybe of despair.

    A very succinct, powerful story.

  3. At least he hadn't captured it all on video like a friend of Chris' many years ago.....LOL

    I always feel like chucking my laptop out the window when I read anything you write.


  4. I used to have a little black book! What a delightful piece.

  5. Wow for me this describes so many! I think of those really wanting to have contact with others to be reassured they are human and how some learn to prey on those needs.

    A little black book INDEED!!!!

    Loved your take of the prompt, but also the truth that rings in those words brings home the needs to be careful in this fast paced world of megabytes and gigabytes