Sunday, June 28, 2009

that's what she said

he’s talking so loudly, i can hear him across the airport waiting area. doing his business call, wheedling his client to give him another chance with the proposal, never sounding as desperate as he looked over there, loosened tie, pulling on his ear lobe. we all tried to ignore him and the conversation, but, he insisted we become part of his free fall into sales loss, adding huge gestures to the voice that ruled the airspace we all sat in with him. finally, i brought over a cup of coffee i purchased for him--something he took willingly with a smile. “does it have cream and sugar?”, he asked me, holding his thumb over the mouthpiece of his head set. “no” i replied, “but, it is doused with a heaping spoonful of shut. the. fuck up.” the other passanger's applause following my remark was almost worth watching his face close in on itself in pain