Thursday, June 11, 2009

one word, one minute~guitar

all my growing up years, i wanted a guitar. please, mom, i'd beg, let me have and learn the guitar, so i can sing for you like joni mitchell or joan baez or judy collins. please!!

that christmas we moved, the boys got the bikes they wanted, and i waited for my gift... which was a ukulele. she thought it was 'cute' and as always, a version of what i actually wanted.

i never sang for her again.


  1. we don't realized the impact we can have on our kids when we push aside their interest or likes. I try very hard to listen to my son, to find the truth in what he speaks. That's why when I can I'm going to get him a guitar and lessons. He doesn't ask for much and this one thing I can provide.

    Thanks for sharing this piece!!

  2. Do you think they realise how much they hurt us sometimes? Thanks for visiting my blog.