Wednesday, June 17, 2009

one word~one minute~suffocate

i'm very norish these days... and, yes, i do this in a minute... you've never seen me type.

if i suffocate her now, no one will know she ever existed. i can deny that she was born, and that allows me to deny she died. it wasn't supposed to happen, it was supposed to be just the one time, and i'd be safe, right? as a virgin, i'd be safe because you don't get pregnant the first time. right?

i did.

she grew in me. hated inside me.

here, in the bathroom... i've had her, and i don't know where to go from here...

if i suffocate her, i can go to my old life. if i don't....

decisions. decisions.


  1. Better than my stinker. You should watch me type.

  2. Oh, and where's the love for Three Word Wednesday in your blinks?

  3. Damn, it seems like this happens twice a month now in California.