Saturday, June 13, 2009

one word, one minute~raft

sailing away around the world on a boat is what we pretended to do every summer, on the weekends when i'd go visit my aunt.

we never stopped to think we were sailing on a raft made of bits of wood and tar paper pounded together with a boomstick mast and a sheet for a sail. we didn't care we were on a pond that was full of muck and snapping turtles and snakes.

we only knew we were free, and young, and nothing else mattered.


  1. The raft is a wonderful metaphor for life.

  2. OK, here is my original post - that I attempted to change tags on:

    Awesome words from an awesome writer/soul!

  3. And pirates and clubhouses and a decimated doll's head?
    All those memories....